Home Sweet Home.

My dogs are the closest I have come to motherhood.  The clock just never ticked for me.  Will I regret the decision not to have kids if I am still alive at 80 and alone and have no one to visit me?  Maybe.  But this reason was not enough to procreate.

I have three nieces, about to have a fourth (my poor brother!) and my best friend has two kids, and I love them all as if they were my own.

I actually just returned from a week watching my best friend’s kids – a small taste of motherhood.  But I had it easy – these kids are great – loving, well behaved, respectful, fun, helpful – there was a little nudging required, but they knew their respective routines and chores.  For the younger one, there was homework to check and reading before bed, bathtime, we baked together a few times and watched a couple movies.  And my routine was not unlike the one at home (minus the ongoing home renovation project):  cooking dinner, housework and yardwork, I hit the gym everyday (except for the day I went for a two hour bike ride along the tow path), I went to the local Trader Joe’s, the Grocery Store and a Pennsylvania Dutch Amish Market… had a phone interview.  It was a great week, nothing crazy, but I am very happy to be home sweet home with all my babies.


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