Big Day Out.

I Chopped off 10+” of hair, which I will donate to Locks of Love, along with the previous 10+” I chopped off a couple years ago and just never got around to sending in.

I went for a drug test, for what I believe is a new job.  Very exciting!  But I believe in the jinx, and I have been disappointed before, so details to follow after it is officially official.

I visited my brother, sister-in-law and new niece at the hospital.  Welcome Ashton Riley, baby girl #4, born March 21 @ 5:10PM, 6lbs. 15oz.  Mom is doing amazingly well.  They went in for a check-up and found Mom was 5cm dilated so they said “let’s get you in for delivery.”  They went home, got their stuff, made arrangements for their other girls, went back to the hospital and got set up in delivery.  My brother timed her contractions at every two minutes for 1/2 hour, they broke her water and 35 minutes later Ashton was born.  No meds, no screaming, only some tears.  I didn’t realize just how strong and brave my sister-in-law really is.  The births of my other three nieces were similarly quick and med-free.  Ya see… unlike me… she was meant to have kids.

Then last night, because their Mom & Dad were still at the hospital, I went with my Mom and three nieces to their school district’s Spring Orchestra Festival.  Five hundred young musicians, grades 4-12, jammed together into a hot and stuffy gymnasium; each elementary grade played two songs, the high schoolers played 2 songs and then together, they all played Beethoven’s Ode to Joy.  Parents were jammed in the bleachers for back-to-back “sold-out” shows.  The first show was for the elementary parents – then we were kicked out – and the second show was for the high school parents.  The transition between shows was poorly executed – both crowds entering and exiting simultaneously, through one door, at the top of a flight of stairs.  I was happy to see our budding violinist perform… but even happier to get some fresh air.  Two and one half hours was a horribly long time to ask those kids to sit still and be quiet.

To my brother and sister-in-law who return home from the hospital today… I wish you and your four girls love, health, happiness… and lots of patience in the coming years.  Mazel tov!!

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