Stumbled upon some Killdeer eggs in the cornfield on this Morning’s Walk.  A Killdeer is a plover, which is a type of bird you usually find flitting about a shoreline.

From my Eastern Birds guide by James Coe:  With round heads and stubby bills, plovers scurry about like wind-up toys, pausing stiffly between each dash.  When poised, they seem to vanish; their camouflaged upperparts and boldly patterned breasts help mask their shape – a phenomenon called disruptive coloration.  This particular plover has a white breast and double black bands, tawny rump and a fairly long tail.  Widespread and conspicuous, especially in cultivated fields and pastures; often seen far from water, nesting even on gravel rooftops.  It’s call is a loud, shrill kill-deer (to me it sounded screechy, click here for an image and to hear its call), repeatedly continuously.


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