Morning Walk – April 15, 2012.

Just over two weeks into the new job and so far so great!  But there is just not enough time in a weekend to accomplish all that I want to do.  But on the wheeler, I did manage to crank out a few hours in the field picking up piles (of cut up tree limbs, branches and thorny vines), had a nice visit with my step-mom and nieces (and the rain has washed away all their beautiful chalk drawings all over our patio), I painted the outside of the kitchen door, planted a row of bulbs that my neighbors dropped off (because they are in the process of demolishing their house to make way for a new house and the bulbs would have otherwise gone to waste), I baked bread, made pulled pork, purged about 3 ft. of accumulated paperwork (boy does that feel good!) and we went out for dinner and an amazing show.*

*Strunz & Farah – This gifted guitar duo, known for their dazzling original compositions and improvisations, plays a blend of flamenco, Afro-Latin and Latin folk, Middle Eastern and jazz forms. Backed by an international ensemble of world-class musicians, their technical perfection, lighting-fast finger speed, fiery improvisations and unbelievable solos make this a must-see performance!


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