Sending out an S.O.S.

So I’ve been staring at this post, adding a few pictures, and not writing a thing for two weeks now.  A serious case of writer’s block.  Where is my inspiration?  My muse??  It’s not in a  pool opening or in a relaxing mineral bath at the Spa.  Not in my terrible allergies or being sick on the most beautiful day of the year so far.  Not in baking bread every day or drinks with the girls.  Not in staining a door or chopping down an apple tree… not even in my poor dog’s ear infection that antibiotics can’t seem to cure.

To all the writers out there – HELP!!!


1 thought on “Sending out an S.O.S.

  1. Write a sentence. Play around with it. Change up the wording. Engage in the action and the motivation will come. I sometimes read poetry, write a brief description of something I love. You probably already do those things. A old professor of mind suggested writing a “stream of consciousness” paper- just writing down all the thoughts you can capture in a five to 10 minute period. I never tried it but it might be helpful. You are interesting without ever trying to be so I wouldn’t worry too much about a temporary block. I’ve missed visiting your blog and seeing your pictures. I really do love your photography. The “blowies” photograph reminds me of a recent walk to the park with Grace and our contest to see who could blow off all the seeds in one breath. (I won). They didn’t pick my girl for the Gap contest but we voted for another lovely 12 year old. It was a fun. I’m going to try to give you a call one of these days when I’ve got a few minutes so we can do a better job of catching up. I’m sorry about your dog’s ear infection! Do they put tubes in dogs’ ears like they do humans? Grace had chronic ear infections as a baby and that’s what we had to do when antibiotics stopped working. Hope he feels better and that you feel better too.

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