We Give Up.

This year we have zero apples or pears on the trees, there were no strawberries, and I only picked two containers of black raspberries (compared to last year’s, roughly, thirty).  Is it because of the weather?  The early Spring and the fact that the blossoms were blown off the trees too soon?  The shortage of honey bees, or no honey bees because there were no blossoms?

Also, we’ve been here for six years and have yet to have a decent tomato crop.  We’ve dealt with tomato worms, tomato blight, spindly plants that didn’t produce much fruit, and one year, the wrong seeds in the packet.  This year I’m not sure what will happen.  Our plants are gorgeous – tall, fat stems, plants full of deep green leaves, tons of tomatoes… but the first one that turned red, rotted.  And I don’t understand why?  It had been really dry for weeks, we were careful with the watering, because I think in the past we’ve watered too much… We give up.  Thankfully, we are not farmers and we don’t depend on produce for a living.  Next time you see a farmer, give him/her a BIG FAT hug.


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