Morning Walk April 8, 2012.

Went to check on the Killdeer eggs - they didn't make it.


Evening Walk – April 4, 2012.

So… I got that job.  Downside:  I am earning the same salary I made back in 1997 – woo hoo.  Upside: I really like my boss, the people, the job and the company.  I guess that’s just the way the cookie crumbles in a modern-day depression.

I had been out of work for the past 18 months, and I do need a job, so it feels great to finally be employed.  But it’s bittersweet, because gone are the endless days of home renovation projects, baking, photography, blogging and hanging with my boys.

I start my work day late enough that I am still able to take my [precious]  Morning Walks with the dogs, but I will once again have to figure out how to balance work with my passions.


Stumbled upon some Killdeer eggs in the cornfield on this Morning’s Walk.  A Killdeer is a plover, which is a type of bird you usually find flitting about a shoreline.

From my Eastern Birds guide by James Coe:  With round heads and stubby bills, plovers scurry about like wind-up toys, pausing stiffly between each dash.  When poised, they seem to vanish; their camouflaged upperparts and boldly patterned breasts help mask their shape – a phenomenon called disruptive coloration.  This particular plover has a white breast and double black bands, tawny rump and a fairly long tail.  Widespread and conspicuous, especially in cultivated fields and pastures; often seen far from water, nesting even on gravel rooftops.  It’s call is a loud, shrill kill-deer (to me it sounded screechy, click here for an image and to hear its call), repeatedly continuously.

Coyote or Wolf??

Coyote or Wolf??

Last night, dinner at the kitchen table, dogs at our feet as they always are, Acadia started going nuts.  The windows were closed and he wasn’t looking out but a sixth sense told him “SOMETHING IS OUT THERE!”  Sure enough, we looked out and there was either a wolf or a coyote walking up our path.  Now which is it because it doesn’t look like the same animal I saw the other morning.

Morning Walk, March 26, 2012 – Hail.

We got hailed on this morning on our walk!  Not crazy big hail like we had June 1, 2011 (see Morning Walks archive photos)… but hail nonetheless… and it was coming down hard.

Bizarre weather, but I’ll take it.  Any day up in the field is a good day.

P.S. – Friday I finished sanding the dog room!!  Can’t believe it.  So over the weekend Scott and I primed and painted the ceiling and walls.  Today and tomorrow I will tackle staining.  I started working on this room January 31, 2012 and I have worked on it almost every day (I’d say 80%) since then.  See progress photos here.

Morning Walk, March 23, 2012.

A little color comes into our world.

Morning Walk, March 22, 2012.